This area is split into ‘Professional Presentation Skills’ and the very popular ‘Train-the-Trainer’ program.


Our two bestsellers in the Presentation Skills stable are Presenting with Confidence (The basic skills for effective presentations) and Presenting to Influence (Persuasive Sales, Gaining Buy-In, Changing Mindsets).

Our resident Presentation guru, Kate Blaine, has been working with young leaders through to senior executives for over 15 years, helping them structure the message, identify their audience, distill their message, add WOW-factor to their slides, all while perfecting the art of communication, and in some cases, persuasion.

This is a 2 part program run over two consecutive days and requires delegates to get into the pit and practice their new skills.

“This training has brought back my confidence that I had as a young girl. This is going to allow me to accomplish my dream to be a great leader by empowering others.”

“I feel excited & motivated & confidant to present to groups at all levels. I have learnt how to project my own personality through use of stories and audience engagement.”

“Over the 15 years that Learn to Lead has been working with us, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the presentation skills of PEP’s leadership. Learn to Lead provides professional advice that is flexible enough to suit each individual’s own personality and abilities. Learn to Lead’s efforts and ability to understand the context or subject, guidance with presentation construction, honest feedback and input, and the establishment of basic presentation skills have really made a big difference for our leaders.”

“Kate Blaine has been my and my team’s presentation skills coach over a period of 17 years. She is dynamic and innovative. When she is one of a panel of advisors she clearly stands out above the rest in terms of valuable and insightful tips. It is difficult for me to believe that there is a better and more professional presentation skills trainer around.”


Ignite, inspire and empower your training team to deliver effective end engaging workshops. Our unique Trainer’s EDGE course introduces you to the best of the best in experiential learning, motivating both learner and facilitator alike.

This is a unique Learn to Lead program aimed at experienced and semi-experienced facilitatorsand gives them the tools and techniques required to move from old school training to a more modern, experiential and engaging process which makes learning memorable and effective.

Reignite your passion for learning and boost your levels of retention by attending this course.

“Trainer’s Edge is one of the best facilitation skills workshops I have ever attended. This training REALLY does give you the EDGE!”

“The course completely re-invigorated me to put the passion and fun back into learning.”

“WOW, the Trainer’s Edge workshop is a powerful, mind-altering, attitude- changing training course which has changed the lives of the 4 facilitators which attended it from the TFG group.”