Learn to Lead is a small, innovative corporate training company that designs and delivers full-sensory, interactive learning experiences. These experiences create the perfect context for extraordinary ‘a-ha moments’ that initially change mindsets but ultimately change behaviour. For over 15 years, we have combined logic and magic to delight and engage our learners in their professional development.

If it involves inspiring great attitudes, building functional knowledge or improving productive behaviours, we can help you IMAGINE LEARNING DIFFERENTLY.


The Training Room is where you will find our wide range of customisable programmes that can be rapidly deployed into your business for large-scale projects, or for short, sharp interventions. Our facilitators are professional, experienced and able to tailor a session to the specific needs of your company or industry.


The Design Studio is where we flex our creative, experiential muscles by understanding your learning objectives and branding needs, and then creating a unique change solution from the ground up. In this studio, all things are possible…Let us create something unique for you!


At Learn to Lead we believe that the workshop is just one element of the real behaviour change, which means what happens after is really the most important part. Assessment Centre will provide you with assessments – both technological and practical, to ensure maximum retention, understanding and application of content.


Simply put, it is the way we see things. We have adopted two unusual perspectives to corporate training that set us apart from our competition.

Our unwavering commitment to learning as a process rather than an event, which is the exact reason we created LearnPOD and our 3D Process Model.

Our passion for making the training room a place that people want to be with our considerable collection of engagement strategies, frame-games, interactive processes, RealPLAY’s, flipped classrooms, lecturettes and ever popular brain-flexing jolts.



Our LearnPOD delivers a 3D Learning Solution which is targeted, experiential and ongoing. It origins are based on research done in 1992 by Broad and Newstrom revealing the key-relationships at the different stages of any intervention. We also borrow from the learnings of Ebbinghaus’s Curve of Forgetting which has been universally shown to increase the success (and return on investment) of any intervention if 3 critical relationships are cultivated.


Design. Discover. Develop. The 3D in our methodology is a unique L2L model based on the findings of some of education’s greatest minds. The 3D in our methodology is a unique L2L model which governs how we as a corporate training company approach training starting from identifying our client’s need right through to achieving their ultimate objectives. We have found this system to be the most effective at guiding the actions and decisions of both Learn to Lead as well as our client.

Kate Blaine has been my and my team’s presentation skills coach over a period of 17 years. She is dynamic and innovative. When she is one of a panel of advisors she clearly stands out above the rest in terms of valuable and insightful tips. It is difficult for me to believe that there is a better and more professional presentation skills trainer around.