“What gets measured, gets done!” At Learn to Lead we believe that the workshop is just one element of the real behavior change, which means what happens after is really the most important part. Assessment Centre will provide you with assessments, both technological (e.g. MPower, Clarity4D) and practical (e.g. Entegr8, Leaders in Action)), to ensure maximum retention, understanding and application of content.


This is a personality profile that’s ACCURATE, EASY-TO-REMEMBER, HUGELY INFORMATIVE and COST EFFECTIVE. Learn to Lead is accredited to administer this profile and run exciting self-insight workshops based on your teams’ profiles. Both are becoming hugely popular with our clients.


Everyone who participates in this program will receive a detailed profile of themselves. The profile provides an analysis of your personality in terms of 4 colours. Each colour represents different aspects of your personality (the workshop will inform you of what these are) so, it ends up looking something like this:

Your profile is divided into the following dimensions:

  • 1st Dimension:  Your recognition and understanding of self
  • 2nd Dimension: Your perception of self by others
  • 3rd Dimension: Your hidden potential
  • 4th Dimension: What you need to do to develop your potential

OUTCOMES you can look forward to:

The objective of the Clarity4D approach is to help you understand the following:

  • Help you understand why it is you get energy from doing some tasks and why others seem to drain your energy
  • What drives the behaviour of other members in your team
  • How you best like to be communicated with and what sort of communication you don’t respond well to at all
  • How other people in your team like to be communicated with
  • Which situations require more or less of different colours
  • How to access colours that you don’t naturally have

COST (ex vat)

Each profile currently retails at R 825

The cost of a workshop to work with the profiles (recommended) is:

R 13 000.