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Recruitment Writing Skills

Recruitment Writing Skills

A job advertisement is often the first and only chance a company gets to ensure that the best talent in the business is inspired to apply for a particular job.  If your job advertisement doesn’t grab and hold your perfect candidate’s attention, you may lose that candidate to another company – perhaps even your competitor.  In today’s war on talent, it’s imperative that your job advertisements ensure that the right candidates with the right skill sets apply to YOUR organisation. And that’s exactly what BMW wanted our training to achieve!

“The Bad news? 99% of all job descriptions are painfully long and boring!”

“The Good news? 99% of all job descriptions are painfully long and boring!”

With the correct training, this is an easy way to differentiate your organisation from your competitors. In a recent study (Caslo 2011) 3 out of 4 people surveyed said that the quality of the job ad has a significant influence on their opinion of that company as an employer.

The 1.5 day RECRUITMENT WRITING SKILLS COURSE (totally customized for your organisation)


  • The Value of a Brand and the Value of an Employer Brand
  • The Goals of Job Ads
  • What ‘must-have’ elements of Job Ads
  • How to attract the right candidate from ‘out there’ into the recruitment process by mastering the GSI method: Grab attention, Spark an interest and Inspire Action!
  • How to write your Employer Value Proposition to speak to a specific job cluster
  • Adhering to the Golden Rules of writing


We take delegates through a series of series of activities, case-studies, discussions, and information sessions making the process highly experiential and highly practical. By the time delegates leave this workshop they have everything they need to write an attention-grabbing, talent-attracting recruitment ad.