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TRANSFORM and Learning Transfer

Transform & Learning Transfer

18 months ago Learn to Lead was contracted by a collaboration between the United Nations (UN), The International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to develop a curriculum on Social Protection. Learn to Lead was handed 6 Base Documents, each approximately 100 pages of technical information, and asked to develop a 6-module curriculum (5 days long) based on these documents. The brief was that the curriculum needed to be exciting,  engaging, interactive and 100% experiential.

“No problem,” we said…. (At this stage we didn’t even know what Social Protection was!) And so we set about understanding, summarizing, storyboarding, developing and designing. Soon we had scenarios, role plays, questions, jargon busters, myth busters, questionnaires, a facilitator process, a facilitator guide, summary documents….and the list goes on.

8 months later Learn to Lead piloted this curriculum in Dar-es-Salam. It’s since been run in Ethiopia, Zambia and Malawi with Zanzibar next on the cards. The feedback has been awesome!

So, what has this got to do with Learning Transfer you might ask?

26 Social Protection experts from all over Africa were chosen to come and learn how to train this curriculum – 2 glorious weeks in Zambia! As many of you know it’s one thing knowing how to run an activity or conduct a lecture, but quite another to do this and facilitate it in such a way that Real Learning happens. Aside from training the curriculum, Learn to Lead’s key role was to share the Adult Learning theory and techniques we have gathered over the years to ensure that the Social Protection experts taught in such that knowledge was acquired, internalized and resulted in action.

Every now and then in one’s career, one has one of those times where you realize how much you actually know about something and this was one of those! We realized that when it comes to learning transfer we really are SPECIALISTS.

We have now been invited to teach facilitators in Vietnam how to teach and facilitate in such a way that real learning happens and we can’t wait!