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Leaders in Action

Leaders in Action

What is Leaders in Action?

Leaders in Action is a 1-day Leadership Simulation which centres around 7 different leadership competencies. Teams compete against each other by completing tasks designed to test each of the 7 leadership competencies. You can either purchase this Simulation to facilitate it internally, or we can facilitate it for your Leadership teams.

This simulation was designed by Learn to Lead in 2010 and was showcased at the National American Simulation and Gaming Conference in 2013 where it won the Rising Star award and also fetched more money than any other product in the Simulation auction at the end of the conference.

Who is Leaders in Action designed for and what’s in it for them?

It is designed for any junior to middle manager and those earmarked for leadership positions on LDPs i.e. the leaders who are not necessarily setting the strategy but have to execute it. Having said that many CEOs have participated in this simulation and had real a-ha moments. These leaders are given the opportunity through the simulation to learn leadership theory and apply it in a practical, hands-on way. They then get immediate feedback on their leadership skills which results in real change.

What are the 7 competencies covered through the Simulation?

  1. Clear Communication i.e. the ability to convey exactly what you mean
  2. Dealing effectively with change (i.e. motivating those below you to embrace the change that has been passed down to you from the top)
  3. Motivating a team
  4. Dealing with conflict (this includes your own conflict as well as conflict that arises between 2 others that you need to resolve)
  5. Planning and organizing a task / project effectively within a given time frame.
  6. Delivering through others while getting your own work done
  7. Delivering and receiving feedback

How Organizations use Leaders in Action

  • To assess current leadership competency
  • To provide leaders insight into leadership competencies and real leadership examples prior to a leadership program
  • As a practical application to accompany any Leadership theory as it’s being taught
  • To assess the understanding of leadership theory post a Leadership Development Program

It’s fun – It’s practical – And it works!

“It was when I played Leaders in Action that I was able to see myself through the eyes of my staff. That was when I had my ‘a-ha’ Leadership moment.”

– Russell Burnett (MD Castaway)