Imagine Learning Differently



Executives are a unique and tough crowd – Their schedules are jam-packed, and they need to make high stakes decisions with little time to weigh up their options. Lots of people in the organisation want to be heard by them and THIS is your opportunity. You’re unlikely to get another one so how do you make this one count? Execu-Speak is a 2-morning course that will help anyone to design and deliver a presentation to Executives that really counts.

Morning 1 covers the theory and on Morning 2 it’s over to you to deliver a presentation and get feedback. Here’s what’s covered:

Your mindset when presenting to Senior Executives

Too often presentations to Senior Execs fail because we have an ‘old school’ view of what Execs expect a presentation to look like. This course begins by shaking-up and unlearning certain paradigms that are preventing our success.

Understanding the Executive Audience

One of the keys to a successful presentation is understanding your audience. In this section, we look broadly at who this Executive audience is – what drives them, what they fear, what they want to hear, what their preferences are, what will hook them and what will turn them off? 

Structuring a Presentation for Exec-Success

This all starts with knowing exactly what it is you want to achieve. Once this is clear then we share two recommended structures for presentations to Executives that ensure that:

  • if you want your presentation to persuade – it does;
  • if you want your presentation to review – it does;
  • if you want your presentation to inform – it does!

Designing visual aids that work

In this section we cover:

  • Designing engaging and impactful visual aids for this audience.
  • Ways to ensure that your visual aids remain aids and don’t become the presentation.
  • What information should be in; a handout, your back up slides and your main slides.

Presenting to Executives and overcoming ‘Execu-phobia’

This section looks at how you need to ‘show up’ when delivering your presentation to Execs. Secondly, we look at techniques for overcoming ‘Execu-phobia’. The power balance when presenting to these audiences is radically skewed and as a result, these audiences can be extremely intimidating. How does one overcome ‘Execu-phobia’ so that this doesn’t ruin your performance?

Preparation beyond your slideshow

Discussion and question time after your slideshow is as important as your actual presentation. This section looks at what you should prepare for over and above your presentation and how you should go about preparing for it. Let’s face it, this is not an audience that is necessarily going to sit quietly and listen until you’re done so we teach delegates how you should prepare for questions, disruptions, curve-balls and requests for more detail.