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Culture-Wise Card Game

Culture-Wise Card Game

Are you the wisest ou in South Africa?

CultureWise is a Proudly South African card game launched by the Learn to Lead in 2015. The objective of the game is to shed light on and spark discussion around many of the interesting cultural differences that exist between South Africans. We are so diverse and yet all connected; understanding one another’s way of living and different ways of

seeing the world is not only fascinating, but also imperative for true connectivity. The goal of this game is to acknowledge our cultural richness, spark respectful conversations and evoke wide smiles in the process.

The game consists of 2 packs of cards each consisting of 67 (Rest in Peace Madiba!) cards each. The first game is a set of question and answer cards and the second a set of cultural jargon cards. Each game can be played anywhere for any length of time.

How is the game available?

1) Learn to Lead can facilitate the game for you – we’ll bring props, SA music and cards and provide you with an incredible diversity experience!

2) You can buy the cards from us at R215 per pack or alternatively R 400 for both