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Clarity 4D

Clarity 4D

This is a personality profile that’s ACCURATE, EASY-TO-REMEMBER, HUGELY INFORMATIVE and COST EFFECTIVE. Learn to Lead is accredited to administer this profile and run exciting self-insight workshops based on your teams’ profiles. Both are becoming hugely popular with our clients.


Everyone who participates in this program will receive a detailed profile of themselves. The profile provides an analysis of your personality in terms of 4 colours. Each colour represents different aspects of your personality (the workshop will inform you of what these are) so, it ends up looking something like this:

Your profile is divided into the following dimensions:

  • 1st Dimension:  Your recognition and understanding of self
  • 2nd Dimension: Your perception of self by others
  • 3rd Dimension: Your hidden potential
  • 4th Dimension: What you need to do to develop your potential

OUTCOMES you can look forward to:

The objective of the Clarity4D approach is to help you understand the following:

  • Help you understand why it is you get energy from doing some tasks and why others seem to drain your energy
  • What drives the behaviour of other members in your team
  • How you best like to be communicated with and what sort of communication you don’t respond well to at all
  • How other people in your team like to be communicated with
  • Which situations require more or less of different colours
  • How to access colours that you don’t naturally have


COST (ex vat)

Each profile currently retails at R 825

The cost of a workshop to work with the profiles (recommended) is:

R 13 000.

What have some of our clients had to say?

“As the Engineering Manager for a team of about 50 people at BP, I found this tool very helpful.  My team is very diverse with a wide range of age and experience.  I used Clarity 4D to create a common language and understanding within my team and to help people better understand themselves and their differences with others. 

Cassandra Degnan, Drillings and Completions, BP