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Andre Labuschaigne MD @ Cape Union Mart

Kate Blaine has been my and my team’s presentation skills coach over a period of 17 years. She is dynamic and innovative. When she is one of a panel of advisors she clearly stands out above the rest in terms of valuable and insightful tips. It is difficult for me to believe that there is a better and more professional presentation skills trainer around.

Leon Lourens MD @ Pep

Over the 15 years that Learn to Lead has been working with us, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the presentation skills of PEP’s leadership. Learn to Lead provides professional advice that is flexible enough to suit each individual’s own personality and abilities. Learn to Lead’s efforts and ability to understand the context or subject, guidance with presentation construction, honest feedback and input, and the establishment of basic presentation skills have really made a big difference for our leaders.

Leon Lourens MD @ Pep (after Pep’s 2015 National convention)

I have to congratulate you – the speeches are the best they have ever been – by far! Thanks for the help – you’ve made a huge difference!

Carol Wilde @ Ackermans

I feel excited & motivated & confidant to present to groups at all levels. I have learnt how to project my own personality through use of stories and audience engagement.

Lindi Phahane @ Pep

This training has brought back my confidence that I had as a young girl. This is going to allow me to accomplish my dream to be a great leader by empowering others.