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Learn to Lead is a small, innovative training company that designs and delivers 3D full-sensory, interactive learning experiences. These experiences create the perfect context for extraordinary ‘a-ha moments’ that initially change mindsets but ultimately change behaviour. For over 10 years, we have combined logic and magic to delight and engage our learners in their professional development.

If it involves inspiring great attitudes, building functional knowledge or improving productive behaviours, we can help you IMAGINE LEARNING DIFFERENTLY.

What We Do

Learn to Lead offers a wide range of corporate learning solutions via our three operating arms, namely Training Room, Design Studio and Assessment Centre.

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Our Methodology

So what makes our training different? Simply put, it is the way we see things. We have adopted two unusual perspectives to training that set us apart from our competition.

The first is our unwavering commitment to learning as a process rather than an event, which is the exact reason we created LearnPOD and our 3D Process Model.

The second is our passion for making the training room a place that people want to be with our considerable collection of engagement strategies, frame-games, interactive processes, RealPLAY’s, flipped classrooms, lecturettes and ever popular brain-flexing jolts.

Learn Pod

Our LearnPOD delivers a 3D Learning Solution which is targeted, experiential and ongoing. It origins are based on research done in 1992 by Broad and Newstrom revealing the key-relationships at the different stages of any intervention. We also borrow from the learnings of Ebbinghaus’s Curve of Forgetting which has been universally shown to increase the success (and return on investment) of any intervention if 3 critical relationships are cultivated.

3D Learning

The 3D in our methodology is a unique L2L model based on the findings of some of education’s greatest minds.




Our Team

Our in-house and contract team have evolved over time and have settled into an exciting and experienced group of multi-skilled individuals that can partner with you in exceeding your learning and performance objectives, be they small and niche or grand game-changers.

  • Full Bio
    Kate Blaine
    Kate has two passions that drive her in life – connecting with people and coaching people to become the best that they possibly can be. Driven by these two passions, Kate’s key roles at Learn to Lead are business development and facilitation (predominantly presentation skills).
    Founder | Sales Director | Facilitator
  • Full Bio
    Adam Thomas
    Adam’s passion for learning lies in the field of experiential course development with a particular focus on courses that enhance emerging and established leaders on their individual journeys. He is also responsible for overseeing the business systems and operations and ensuring we deliver the excellent products and levels of service our clients have come to expect.
    Managing Director | Course Designer | Facilitator

Training Room

The Training Room is where you will find our wide range of customizable programmes that can be rapidly deployed into your business for large-scale projects, or for short, sharp interventions. Our facilitators are professional, experienced and able to tailor a session to the specific needs of your company or industry.

  • Recruitment Writing Skills
    A job advertisement is often the first and only chance a company gets to ensure that the best talent in the business is inspired to apply for a particular job.  If your job advertisement doesn’t grab and hold your perfect candidate’s attention, you may lose that candidate to another company – perhaps even your competitor.
    Recruitment Writing Skills
  • Sales and Service
    Whether your staff are in a purely service role, or you are building a culture of selling through service, we have the modules to take your customer experience to the next level. Uncovering the Why is the spark that ignites the passion for service, so this is where we start.
    Sales and Service
  • Trainer's Edge
    Ignite, inspire and empower your training team to deliver effective end engaging workshops. Our unique Trainer's EDGE course introduces you to the best of the best in experiential learning, motivating both learner and facilitator alike.
    Trainer's Edge
  • Presentations
    Our two bestsellers in the Presentation Skills stable are Presenting with Confidence (The basic skills for effective presentations) and Presenting to Influence (Persuasive Sales, Gaining Buy-In, Changing Mindsets).
  • Values Based Leadership
    Leadership is a mindset, not a title. Our Leadership programmes, long and short, are all aimed at developing inspirational and effective leaders.
    Values Based Leadership

 Design Studio

The Design Studio is where we flex our creative, experiential muscles by understanding your learning objectives and branding needs, and then creating a unique change solution from the ground up. In this studio, all things are possible…Let us create something unique for you!

  • Bite-Sized Instructional Design
    Millennial learners (and most others) want their learning to be delivered in bite-size chunks otherwise known as microlearning. In fact, in a recent survey it was found that 94% of the learners preferred and got more value from the bite-size learning than any other length of learning.
    Bite-Sized Instructional Design
  • TRANSFORM and Learning Transfer
    A collaboration between the United Nations (UN), The International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to develop a curriculum on Social Protection, Learn to Lead piloted this curriculum in Dar-es-Salam and ran it in Ethiopia, Zambia and Malawi.
    TRANSFORM and Learning Transfer
  • Culture-Wise Card Game
    Culturewise is a fun educational card game designed to spark incredible intercultural conversations and keep you in the know about our people….ek se. It’s perfect for EE events, diversity training, team building, leadership development and strategy sessions.
    Culture-Wise Card Game
  • Table Bay Induction
    Induction should be a time to excite and inspire new staff rather than simply an administrative process. Learn to Lead had the privilege of overhauling the induction program of the world famous Table Bay hotel and helping inspire staff to aim for the excellence now synonymous with the brand.
    Table Bay Induction
  • City of Cape Town Smart Office
    Learn to Lead partnered with the City of Cape Town to develop their SMART Office campaign aimed at helping companies go green.
    City of Cape Town Smart Office
  • WFS Customer Service
    As part of Woolworth’s constant drive to improve customer service, Learn to Lead partnered with them to create a simulation which tested knowledge and application of previously learnt material. The game-style simulation made a serious process exciting leading to real delegate commitment and involvement.
    WFS Customer Service
  • GrandWest Work Skills
    GrandWest, as part of their constant commitment to staff development, asked Learn to Lead to design and facilitate a full work-skills program aimed at empowering their junior staff with modules around professionalism, time-management, problem-solving and communication, among many others.
    GrandWest Work Skills
  • Santam Crisis Simulations
    For over 6 years we have worked with the Sanlam Group designing and facilitating their crisis simulations. These simulations make use of actors, directors, video and elaborate scripts to create real-time crises aimed at testing their internal systems.
    Santam Crisis Simulations
  • Woolworths Career Paths
    We worked with Woolworths to design an entirely bespoke internal communication process aimed at building excitement around their new Careers Paths launch. The kit included a detailed presenter process, posters, slides, videos, and branded DVDs.
    Woolworths Career Paths
  • Cape Union Mart
    For Cape Union Mart, we combined existing company material with Learn to Lead’s exciting collection of activities and processes to create a full, interactive Sales & Service program for internal delivery, resulting in greater levels of engagement and experiential application.
    Cape Union Mart

  Assessment Centre

“What gets measured, gets done!” At Learn to Lead we believe that the workshop is just one element of the real behavior change, which means what happens after is really the most important part. Assessment Centre will provide you with assessments, both technological (e.g. MPower, Clarity4D) and practical (e.g. Entegr8, Leaders in Action)), to ensure maximum retention, understanding and application of content.

  • Clarity 4D
    They say EQ is a more important quality for success than IQ. This global partner of ours uses the latest in colour-based personality profiling to help build EQ awareness and competence on both a personal and team level.
    Clarity 4D
  • Leaders in Action
    Whether building team morale, testing the leadership skills of your staff, or creating awareness and learning for those on a leadership development path, Leaders in Action is the one-of-a-kind simulation you need to try.
    Leaders in Action
  • MPower
    Leverage the power of mobile technology in this unique Learn to Lead product that helps you assess knowledge and application following (or preceding) a training session.
  • Entegr8
    E-Learning means convenience, cost-effectiveness and reach! So if your skills development strategy involves e-learning, then you need Entegr8, our new e-learning incubator.

Contact us:

Phone: +(27) 82 378 1012



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